Maxworld, Inc is my branding engine and passion for creating brands leveraging my technical skills and talents in fashion, art, science,  music creation, dance creation,  graphics, and  poetry. I am also para legal in trademarks and patents.



Yes I am a renaissance man growing up in the garment center of NYC and a long term practitioner of energy work and Yoga. I am known in the yoga community as Maxananda.  You can visit my linkedin profile for further information.


Bagology is committed to creating durable bags that are ergo dynamic, lightweight using the latest tech fabrics in our facilities in NYC. Currently producing a max size sports bag.

Mama Gaiam is a sacred space in Chelsea NYC  offering tools of Mother Nature such as crystals, sage, incense, plants to raise human consciousness and well being featuring  work shops by experienced practitioners in the healing arts.

MaxMen is fashion for the independent man who is strong and self reliant and expresses his full potential in an understated yet sophisticated style. 

I will be introducing innovative silhouettes and fabrics  to the collection expanding menswear wardrobe.

LoveSport is dedicated to bring  feminine aesthetic  to athletic wear.  We love sports and sports love us. 

MaxSports is an online platform for fans to share their views on the sports industry, games and players. 

Holy is my passion for developing specific sents that creates a sensual sacred experience  aligned to the different chakras for balancing and  wellbeing. The modality is inspired by Vedic medicine using essential oils. 

MaxTV is an online platform showcasing and connecting independent  filmmakers with their fans. Our initial start is featuring filmakers from Spain who live in NYC. 


VITO & CHARLIE CO -Designed with Kathleen Bifulco, was a young designer menswear brand. 


Vito and Charlie enjoyed major distribution in the best boutique designer stores at that time and major upscale department stores. GQ was one of our fans including DNR. 



Later my design direction was moving away from retro Hawaiian  and Urban Cowboy looks and into the Punk Rock styles using leopard voile shirts and leather looking  spandex pants. The brand lasted three season ending with irreconcilable difference with my partner. 

After studying pattern making, draping, sewing, and sketching at FIt and Parsons to get my fashion technical skills down ( I was a physics/ econonics major at Columbia) I launched MAXIMINO COUTURE  which enjoyed three seasons. 


Damsels in Damask was my first collection; 5 silhouettes on five completely different body types.  Growing up in my fathers Haberdashery selling mens and ladies undergarments I know body types. 


The next collection was Holidays On Ice featuring 3M Thinsulate which allowed for large sectional coat construction. The theme was black on black. Black velvet and Black gazar.


The last collection was Liberty using high twist jersey that was fluid and had weight. I loved draping these silhouttes. It was a nice balance between fit and flow. 

At that time US buyers were reluctant to buy from high end designer collections. 


KNOTS was a collection I created in NYC inspired by the Massai worrier shields. I then went to Turkey to produce counter samples and show them how to crochet using a flat pattern for production. 


The collection was featured in Macy’s windows, celebrities  wore it including Madonna. 



My  innovation was to cut full circular patterns that would drape closely to the body because leather yarn is relatively heavy and drapes well. It was called Knots because you had to knot the leather strips together to form the strands.


BANDARAMA Was a lot of fun!. I created a modular hair accessorie for women  “Os” that enable them to completely create amazing hairstyles. 


The collection was featured in magazines and enjoyed a wide distribution in the Major Department Stores. 


RAIN RUNNER was one of the first if not  THE First DTC fashion brand. Using the tools of Web 1 incuding owning my own server, installing ISDN lines and using a Mosaic browser


 I collaborated with a trendy tech art gallery called AUDART to drop ship my raincoats after consumers could select their color and size. 


A beautiful MVP but too early for adoption by consumers lacking secure user friendly payment technologies. 

PROMOLINES was private label brand creating fashion collateral for Top Beauty Brands. 

I was usually brought into the launch phases to smell the new fragrances, see the new bottles and marketing videos. It was very inspring  to see how fragrances were created. 

After 10 years I too developed a “nose.”

FEVER was the first fragrance I created. It was hot and sexy using spices for the mid tones. Fever was later sold. 

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